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Providing solutions for our clients is what drives us all. What we provide differs based on each client’s needs, preferred style, and financial constraints. And we want to treat every customer like a partner, whether we’re working on custom apps, adapting current goods, or creating new concept designs!

Design Process

For a lighting company, the design process typically begins with conceptualization, where designers brainstorm and sketch innovative lighting ideas that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, followed by prototyping and testing to ensure the product meets both safety standards and consumer expectations before moving into production


In a lighting company, the supervision process involves overseeing every phase of production, from the assembly of components to the final quality checks, ensuring that each product adheres to technical specifications and quality standards, while also managing team performance and workflow to optimize efficiency and productivity

Budget Planning

Budget planning for home lighting involves evaluating the layout and lighting needs of each room, researching various lighting options to find cost-effective solutions, and allocating funds accordingly to ensure adequate and aesthetically pleasing illumination without exceeding financial constraints


The final step in the installation process for home lighting typically involves securing all fixtures and connections, testing the lights to ensure they function properly, and making any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired lighting effect and ambiance in the space

We are driven by passion for service delivery.

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Scott Wardle
Mananging Director

With more than 20 years of expertise designing and supplying lighting for both residential and commercial applications.
We carried out work in Africa and South Africa. Providing excellent customer service is the foundation of everything we do. Our mission is to make the art of illumination seamless and pleasurable for our clients. Our primary goal is to uphold the legal standards for lighting while simultaneously designing lighting as an architectural piece

Eugene Chathuri
Sales & Support

Regardless of the difficulty, we always aim to go above and beyond for our clients. Every day, we thrive to provide our absolute best work across all of our services.

We work together as a very helpful and cooperative team on every project to make sure our clients receive the greatest outcome possible.



We aspire to impact our expertise to our clients Create the greatest product possible that adds the most value for our clients, and utilize business to motivate and execute eco-friendly initiatives Regardless of the difficulty, we always aim to go above and beyond for our clients. Every day, we thrive to provide our absolute best work across all of our services.


To offer eco-friendly lighting and design while taking into account each clients unique preferences and input. Our primary goal is to uphold the legal standards for lightng while simultaneously designing lighting as an architectural piece


This a breakdown of the group of clients we service.

We focus on supplying high-end residential homes valued over R5 000 000 to  R150 000 000 the service includes meticulous planning of delivery routes, secure packaging to protect premium lighting fixtures during transit, and precise timing to ensure that the lighting arrives in pristine condition, ready for client-specific placement and use.

Working with developers from the build-up phase for apartment complexes focus on providing scalable lighting solutions that meet architectural specifications and energy efficiency standards, ensuring timely delivery and  support throughout the construction process.

The supply of lights to sports fields is evolving into LED lighting, with companies not only providing energy-efficient LED solutions but also engaging in the design and supply of tailored lighting systems that enhance visibility and performance for athletes and spectators alike.

The supply of lights to schools is evolving to incorporate LED lighting, emphasizing energy-efficient designs and the provision of tailored lighting solutions that enhance both the educational environment and the school’s sustainability goals.n Content

Lighting design for commercial warehousing projects, whether for new constructions or existing structures, focuses on creating efficient, scalable lighting solutions that enhance visibility and safety, reduce energy consumption, and adapt seamlessly to the dynamic needs of the warehouse environment.

Lighting design for new and existing hotels focuses on creating a blend of functionality and ambiance, utilizing innovative lighting solutions to enhance guest experiences, highlight architectural features, and provide adaptable lighting scenarios that cater to various hotel activities and spaces.

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